Upgrades for both models

Dart racing a Mark 2
Because the SP250 and Daimler V8 share Edward Turner's exquisite engine, a number of engine upgrades apply to both models. Material advancements also make other categories of upgrades available to both.

Spin-off oil filter

spin-off oil filter
Made in the UK, spin-off filters provide 3 main functions:
  1. They simplify future servicing
  2. They improve oil filtration due to the improvements found in modern filters
  3. They make fitting an oil cooler possible by using the appropriate sandwich plate
I always fit these when rebuilding engines.

Braided brake hoses

stainless brake hoses

Braided brake houses have a greater resistance to abrasion than the original rubber lines and also are less prone to expansion under pressure which can mean a firmer brake pedal. They are available for both models and can even be obtained in different colours should the mood take you! Picture shows a braided hose on a Dart.

Polyurethane suspension bushes

polyurethane suspension bushes
I am a firm believer in replacing rubber suspension bushes with polyurethane for a number of reasons. They last longer, they reduce unwanted compliance and help to provide more consistent suspension and steering inputs. We are fortunate in being able to obtain p/u bushes for both the Dart and the V8 Saloon and would be pleased to fit them to your car. There are 46 bushes on a Daimler Saloon (fewer on a Dart) so this is not a quick job but one that should be considered especially when replacing springs and dampers. Above picture shows p/u bushes installed in Dart wishbones.

Valve stem oil seals

V8 valve stem oil seals
If your engine is using oil and emits a large puff of oil smoke when you snap open the throttle after a period of coasting, throttle closed (for example when running downhill) then it is likely drawing oil down the inlet valves and into the combustion chamber where it is burned, The answer is to install valve stem oil seals as this controls the passage of oil between the valve stem and the valve guide. The cylinder heads need to be removed for this exercise and new valve guides fitted so this may be an action best undertaken during an engine overhaul.

Heated Screens

heated front windscreen
heated rear windscreen
Modern cars virtually all have air conditioning and effective demisting systems so you tend to forget the perennial sixties problem of not being able to see where you are going (or where you've been) because of condensation. Daimler saloons were equipped with heated rear windows but very few of these seem to be working nowadays! I am now able to supply heated, laminated screens for both the V8 Saloon and the Dart and a replacement heated rear window for the Saloon. If you are going to use these, I would suggest fitting an alternator.The 1967 "slimline bumper" V8 saloons were equipped with alternators, but early saloons and all SP250s have dynamos. If you want to preserve the appearance of your engine bay, it is possible to buy Lucas Dynamos that have been fitted with alternator interiors and which use the existing engine mounting brackets and fan pulley. See price list for screen prices.

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