New steering columns for rack & pinion equipped SP 250s

We use Triumph Spitfire steering columns for our rack & pinion conversions. They fit nicely; allow the use of 3 stalk fingertip control switches for DI's, overdrive and headlamp dip and until now, were readily available. Recently however the few steering columns we have been able to find have been in very poor condition and difficult to refurbish to an "as-new" condition. Recognising this situation will only worsen, we have bitten the bullet and had new steering columns manufactured.

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The upper part of the column which houses the Triumph switchgear is machined from billet aluminium and connects to the lower part of the column which is fabricated from aluminium tube. The original upper steering shaft is retained whereas the lower shaft is new. The shaft uses the original Daimler mounting bracket which is bolted to the A-frame crossbeam. The Triumph shear joint arrangement that allows the column to deform in the event of a frontal collision is retained.

The price for the new column as a stand alone part is £375 excluding VAT.


We had a great time at the show and it was most enjoyable meeting old friends and making new ones. We exhibited a rolling chassis which incorporated many of the upgrades we produce, supply and install. I've added a few photos so that, if you couldn't make the show this year, you'll get a flavour of how the chassis looked

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The new B pillars and cross beam that we supply are clearly shown in this shot.
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The new steering column installed…….
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Here you can see the new aluminium radiator plus the radiator cooling fan which is required when rack and pinion steering is installed.
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Finally a nice view of the s/s tubular exhaust manifold and big bore exhaust - the braided section absorbs engine rock and movement.
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The chassis on display included the telescopic rear damper upgrade.

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….and its lower coupling.
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And a close up of the highly-polished aluminium header tank and stainless steel radiator cap we provide.

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Billet aluminium four pot calipers were also fitted to this car.

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