Robert Grinter Restorations

As a fellow Daimler enthusiast, welcome to my website and let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I'm married with two lovely daughters and a very forgiving wife who tolerates my obsession with Daimlers. This obsession started as a boy when at a very early age I rode in my Grandfather's Daimler Barker Special Sports. My father also had the Daimler bug and drove a V8 Saloon during the sixties and seventies. Having just completed my own Daimler V8 Saloon restoration, I recently had the pleasure of taking Mr Grinter Senior to lunch in it which brought back very many happy memories for both of us..

Following college, I started my career at Stratstones in Mayfair, then Daimlers most prestigious dealer - at least that's what all the employees were told! I worked on what are now classic Daimlers and subsequently attended the inaugural Classic Car restoration course under the tutelage of Roy Berry. Since then I have been self employed working in the classic business for more than 30 years.

During this time I have worked on a wide range of marques but my first love has always been Daimler. In 2011 I moved into a purpose built workshop in Earls Colne which I have recently expanded to provide 12 bays. I am now supported by two very able technicians, Darren Smith and Dave Jones. They brought with them a wealth of experience on modern cars and skills such as race engine building. Dave envies Darren's achievement of building a 450bhp 1300cc Toyota Starlet engine whereas Darren envies Dave's capture of a 48 lb carp! Needless to say, they have both adapted to the non-digital motoring world very well indeed.