Stainless steel exhaust manifolds

There is currently a severe shortage of standard cast-iron exhaust manifolds for Darts which is a serious issue if you have the misfortune to crack one or if you are converting a Daimler Saloon engine to put into a SP250. I have therefore had some sets fabricated in stainless steel and have decided on 2 formats:

1. Standard dimension

This is a straight replacement for the OE cast iron unit and is designed to fit the standard exhaust.


I supply these in pairs as running an odd pair of manifolds risks unbalancing the engine. These are available for £935 including VAT

2. Free flow exhaust

This is designed to provide gas flow benefits and is supplied with a dedicated, complete new exhaust system which has been engineered to match the manifold pipes.


The complete free flow exhaust system includes stainless exhaust clamps and costs £1,740 including VAT